Experience has taught us that the quality of a voice product can be measured by several factors, but the most important is customer service. In this sense, Grupo Call Net has specialized in the training of agents controlling the entire process, from selection to continuous monitoring of productivity through training. Starting from this premise we have achieved a quality of service that sets us apart from our competitors and from which we have made our true differential value.

We have our own call center in Spain, in which we support different products and sectors, always with a specialized attention adapted to the needs of our customers.

Customer Service 24 hours.

Our infrastructure and our staff are highly trained for the tasks of issuing and receiving calls, we have extensive experience in telephone technical support and in telesales campaigns.

We provide the plus that supposes for any service the attention twenty-four hours and seven days a week and, as it is the norm in Grupo Call Net, the careful training of the operators and the most thorough and transparent statistical control for the client.

General Information Services (118).

Currently there is the alternative of numbering 1188 for general information services. In Call Net Group we have been able to optimize the structure we already had and we have recently started to give this possibility to our customers.

Basically it works like any standard service of attention in which the personnel of an application is given destined to the information that allows, of a fast way, the transfer to the number requested in the same call.

Esoteric Cabinet

Another one of those that have been star services in the area of Audiotex is that of esotericism and Grupo Call Net has not remained on the sidelines.

Contrary to the case of services for adults, where we have always exploited our own brands, we opted for a model that we could call a "white label" in which third-party service is provided, that is, our office is one hundred percent operative, but focused as a business branch focused on B2B.