Callnet Group through the company of the group PARQUES DE ENERGIAS RENOVABLES EN CANARIAS GCN has always opted for the exploitation of renewable energy sources in these islands. He has currently opened a new business line based on the commercialization of self-consumption facilities in Spain.


PERCA GCN's first investment in renewable energy was made more than 20 years ago in serveral panel plants located in the Canary Islands.


Recently also in the Canary Islands PERCA GCN has been involved in the promotion of wind farms.

It is currently immersed in the development of a new wind farm.


PERCA GCN has detected a strong social demand for replacing conventional energy sources with enovable energy sources. The increased awareness of the harmful effects of energy sources derived from hydrocarbons and the possibility of an economic saving on the bill is motivating an increase in demand for photovoltaic solar energy installations for self-consumption.

In Spain, the new regulatory framework also favors and encourages investment in these facilities. RD-Law 15/2018 modified the regulatory framework of self-consumption in Spain, based on three fundamental principles:

  • Right to consume electricity without charge.
  • Right to shared self-consumption.
  • Administrative and technical simplification.

This new law eliminates the obligation that the installed power of self-consumption be lower than the contracted power, so that there may be excess self-consumption energy that can be compensated or sold.

In 2018, 236 MW of photovoltaic self-consumption were installed, in 2019 500 MW, by 2020 800MW is foreseen.

The expansion of photovoltaic energy will contribute to reindustrialization and technological development. Spain imports 25,000 million euros in hydrocarbons every year.

According to the PNIEC, in the next 30 years renewable energies must represent 80% of the total, where today they represent 20%.

Therefore, PERCA GCN wants to lead this marketing project in Spain.