Call Net Group has a Department of Information Technology and Development, formed by a structure of highly qualified analysts and technicians who develop and maintain any project or service, adapted to the global operation of their group companies as well as to the technological and functional needs of the company external customer.

It is formed by a young, stable and experienced human team in the development of adapted solutions, with more than 10 years of presence in the ICT sector.

The Department makes available to its customers without the need for large investments, a wide range of innovative products where the client can obtain the objectives that have been marked.

It also provides all the necessary human and technical resources, in order to develop the best services and tailored technological solutions, which enable maximum exploitation and performance of these solutions.

In this sense, the continuous training of its professionals guarantees current and future developments. The most current technological tools will always be the most used.

In addition, all group companies have the IT Department to solve any technological requirement that is presented to them internally, with an optimal response period.

Integral development of ICT services

The development of projects oriented to the communications and telephony sector (Audiotext, Telemarketing, Mobile Services, etc.) is the great specialization of the Department of Information Technology and Development. It has the capacity to provide the client with the necessary integral solution tailored to the requirements requested.

This integration is a great advantage for the realization of all development processes:

  • Analysis and problems of the communication project.
  • Specification of the proposed solution to the client.
  • Adaptation to additional customer requirements.
  • Global product development in all its aspects.
  • Funcionality test.
  • Delivery and subsequent support.

It is not essential to contract additional external developments in any of the processes; all the necessary tools and elements are available in the department for the programming and use of the final product:

Numbering provision for additional pricing.

Custom professional audio.

Management of mobile messaging to user.

Speech recognition

Encrypted databases.

Information web pages.


Statistical ad-hoc developments

The projects delivered to the client are accompanied by all the monitoring elements necessary to control the telephone service in operation.

  • Custom reports per client.
  • Applications for the exploitation of the product.
  • Dedicated data base Servers.
  • OnLine Tracking platform.
  • SPSS of data mining.

Computer support and maintenance

If technology and support is required for the companies of the group, the IT Department uses part of its resources to offer the best maintenance service that allows an efficient operation of the computing devices.

Analysis of costs and performance of devices and programs.

Compilation of the best budgets quality-price.

Establish backup systems.

Help support for office programs.

Remote control systems.

Likewise, if an external company wants to benefit from the experience accumulated by the Call Net Group's IT department in complete call center production systems, there is the possibility of developing projects aimed at the audit, support and maintenance of the systems.

  • Development of technology audit budgets.
  • Periodic maintenance systems.
  • Periodic support systems.
  • Performance improvement advice.
  • Confidentiality commitment of the managed data.

Development of custom applications

Independently of the communication services through telephony, Call Net Group can carry out alternative projects of different current communication modes:

Development of web pages with access to databases.

Payment gateway integrations 4B, Ceca, etc

Development of generic applications in various programming environments, including management and billing applications.

Development of applications for Android and Iphone smartphones.

Consulting service

The work done by the department for more than a decade has not been limited only to the exploitation of the aforementioned voice services, but in all these years it has been possible to gather experience in the analysis of the most basic communication systems.

Cost analysis of basic telephony, communication via email, integration of communication applications in PC's, etc

Optimization of the telephony and internet costs of the Group.

Remote communications between computers.

Cost audits to companies.