The Telefonica operator of Grupo Call Net is Trisonata.

Starting from a solid human and technological infrastructure, Trisonata is able to provide the telephony and communication solutions better adapted to the operation mode that the client wishes, thus reaching agreements for the exploitation of their voice services.

The robustness and security of its solutions will be guaranteed 24 hours a day, maintaining (or improving) the quality of each and every one of the products that are offered.


They will be additional billing numbers, which report a maximum economic benefit from the first moment, with all the features available to the user.

Different numbers are available with different pricing levels.


The numbers 905 propose a unique form of payment to fully enjoy the service they have assigned.


There are also promotional numbers 902, designed to offer the same leisure or contact service, within the limits of occupation, schedule, number of daily calls, etc.


The monitoring and study of the business of all the numbers are available through the web, through a personal page that shows all the calls received from the final customers.

The reports, generated in real time or within a range of days, together with other parameters allow a total personalization for the client.