We know that communication is vital for any business, that is why, from Grupo Call Net, we have opted to work internally. Nobody knows our products and services like ourselves.

Within our integral conception of the company we opted, from the beginning, for the creation of a full service advertising agency, but specialized in the markets in which we develop our activity. In this way we are autonomous in the creation of any type of campaign (whether BTL, ABTL or online) from the strategy and the concept to the analysis through the design, the purchase of the spaces or the management of the media.

Now we make all this experience and knowledge available to our clients. Both to start from scratch with their communication tasks and to optimize any campaign that is currently taking place.

Although our activity as an agency covers all the key fields of communication we can highlight especially:

Media management and spaces purchase.

Throughout our history we have been getting very beneficial agreements with the "mass media" of this country. Whether large communication groups or small media, print or audiovisual.

We are in a position that allows us to obtain the best conditions both economically and in presence. As a result of all this effort and knowledge, we have become exclusivists of the main payment television platforms (Ono e Imagenio) in certain products.

Advertising production.

The search for fresh, new and well-segmented materials led us to the conclusion that we should produce them internally instead of subcontracting them.

Our creativity department works the ideas that are then carried out by the production. Each photo shoot or spot shoot is carried out with the utmost care by highly reputable professionals in their sector and "ad hoc" for each campaign.


We design efficient, productive and well-known campaigns. For this we analyze all the variables (budget, target, objectives, ROI ...) and, once defined, we offer the media mix and the creativity that we consider most appropriate.

We understand that our work does not end with the generation of the campaign, so we study meticulously, not only the final results, but also those that are produced in real time in order to optimize and rectify in "hot".

Online campaigns.

The search-oriented advertising platforms such as Google Adwords or the social networks such as Facebook offer a very interesting alternative to conventional media due to its great penetration, its very tight segmentation and the contextual power of the medium.

We are endowed with a team of specialists in this type of campaign who know how to get the most out of all kinds of strategies and tools.