Grupo Call Net has also started a business path related to Training in the field of ICT.

Grupo Call Net is part of the Nexus Robotica Educativa project that provides training in videogame and robotics programming to primary and secondary students in their own centers and in their own academy.

Bootcamps are also organized for adults oriented to the training of professionals demanded by the technology industry.

Nexus Robótica Educativa

Nexus Robótica Educativa is a novel educational concept, where students learn subjects such as mathematics, physics, computer science, English, technology, engineering, etc. enhancing creativity, teamwork and student motivation, through resources such as those provided by Lego Education among others, in a really interesting way for students. In Nexus, concepts that students live and see in their day-to-day life (opening the doors of a supermarket, vacuum cleaner, airplanes, pulleys, robotics and domestic domotics, etc.) are applied in a practical way, bringing these abstract concepts, so that they can experiment with them and internalize them, to the point of being able to create their own developments.

Much of the methodology of Nexus Robótica Educativa is also based on the teaching of English, essential today in any facet of life.

Given that the priority objective is children, we pay special attention to the pedagogical and technical level of the teachers of our center, as well as to their capacity to develop new teaching methods or resources, making them part of the company and the design of the contents The teacher has to act as a tutor and guide the student, not teach master classes. In Nexus we move from traditional teaching to a modern system where the student learns through experimentation and has an active role. Classes are taught in small groups of less than 12 students.

Philosophy STEAM

When we integrate art and design into education, STEAM brings innovation and creativity.

How can we stimulate a STEAM mind from the classroom? In the students, through interdisciplinary workshops and the realization of projects that use open source programs and tools such as lilypad arduino or 3D printers. In the teaching staff, putting at their disposal the most appropriate techniques and facilitating access to activities that favor STEAM learning. Regarding the latter, an active and committed involvement in these improvement processes is very important.

Will our future depend on the vocations that we know how to awaken today among our students in these subjects? In these moments, the creation of employment is one of the biggest challenges. To this situation it is added that the professional profiles most demanded by the market come from STEM or STEAM careers, still little driven in this country.

Why is it urgent to reverse this trend? Above all, to facilitate the access of young people to the labor market. Many of the key competences to get a job focus on these professional specialties.

Experts estimate that more than 30% of current job offers demand profiles related to mobile technology and by 2018 there will be more than 5 million jobs in the mobile applications market, according to a European study.

More information

You can get more information about everything related to this topic in the following link: NEXUS ROBÓTICA EDUCATIVA